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How can professors expect effort this week when you have the UC vs OSU football game to look forward to?

Twitter: @BradyPerkdawg

Does a higher rate of Tony Romo's interceptions get returned for TD's than the average quarterback? It sure seems like it.

Twitter: @SkylerJGilbert

RT @11W: Don't look now, but Jalin Marshall is starting to show signs of being the playmaker we've all been told he can be. http://t.co/IH3…

Twitter: @Just_Jasmyn_

RT @b_price54: 54 days until Buckeye football! #GoBucks http://t.co/BGt8zt2GD1

Twitter: @tah007007

RT @britttkathleen: I wanna go to a Reds baseball game and an OSU football game. ⚾️🏈❤️

Twitter: @SheenaRiggle13

@ShankyMcWidleft Thoughts on Cager - http://t.co/BIUpAEJhr8

Twitter: @Birm

RT @jax_just_in: Monday Morning Quarterback http://t.co/n8NBUVJBby

Twitter: @jax_florida

RT @WildnOutWiles: @KClevenger24 I do too they make me so depressed. Buckeye football is like a drug i take once a week lol

Twitter: @KClevenger24