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Announced that 2014 OSU Football will be featured in at least 3 primetime night games = More time for gameday boozin http://t.co/HEvIlU3ekQ

Twitter: @BarstoolOSU

NYG [SB Nation: Big Blue View] - Josh Freeman Signing: Quarterback joins New York Giants http://t.co/yb30I5vG3G

Twitter: @FLGM_NFC_news

Just found out I can't complete my major during the summer so looks like I get another Buckeye football season in two years

Twitter: @_chambro

Safety Jayme Thompson Granted Ohio State Release, Will Visit Kentucky: Redshirt freshman safet... http://t.co/YTsxu5Rq44 #sports #news

Twitter: @pm_girl

RT @blairc15: In 2011, Ron Jowarski rated Blaine Gabbert the best QB draft prospect http://t.co/zr4G5XONEx

Twitter: @Jaystus

RT @chrisposi: I CANT WAIT FOR BUCKEYE FOOTBALL #osu #BuckeyeNation

Twitter: @writtenintheam

Meeting with the director of event management of OSU football tomorrow

Twitter: @dreyamw25

#Gossip #Hot #News Green Bay Packers: In Like Flynn Again at Quarterback http://t.co/LSvaRwldXl #AutoFollowBack YGNews

Twitter: @Mahalia_Mair

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