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RT @whigheagles: Inside Buckeye Football Week 8 - Wisconsin http://t.co/ddueIuCFYN

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So I went from quarterback to half back let's see how this goes

Twitter: @LeonnTho

OSU football notebook: Josh Henson talks about facing alma-mater - On Jan. 3, he'll call against his alma mater... http://t.co/AMqILQki8a

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RT @Chocolate_Teaa: I want some Florida state and Ohio state football gear

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#OSU football notebook: Cowboys close spring with intensity - With a... http://t.co/d4Siuy6Ia3 #FloridaState #JordanSterns #KevinPeterson

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RT @HusseinMembrane: I miss buckeye football :(((

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Ian ❤️

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RT @PhilWOTG: YO!!! RT @ThisGuyEv: Let me get a 30 for 30 on the Michigan-OSU football game in 06 and why Michigan got robbed in not gettin…

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