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@6ixmedia Agree! I've seen tape. Can't wait! Great piece on Samuel: http://t.co/dPJ1SeCGVB

Twitter: @JohnWSlagle

RT @racehorsephotos: The Quarterback winning the Bert Bryant Handicap at @MRCTrackNews, for @GriffithsRacing #eastercup http://t.co/34PnIlY…

Twitter: @JakeHolding

Someone take me to an osu football game this year; or a miley concert; or the Cher concert; or anything really.

Twitter: @jayhawl

@RealMrsFinkes92 Congrats on the news it's a boy! Another Buckeye player. We find out April 28th. Buckeye football player or cheerleader!

Twitter: @OutlawCash

Way to nervous for the start of the buckeye football season. Not the good/anxious nervous either...

Twitter: @EricWhiteOSU

OSU football: Johnson's the new man in the middle

Twitter: @BellaHasedafe

Cleveland Browns likely to follow less quarterback-centric model http://t.co/w3OF5745RN

Twitter: @FansClevelandBr

Ive always wanted to go to an Ohio State football game smh. Lol

Twitter: @GoldwinKayla