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RT @BuckeyesOhioSt: ONE MONTH until OHIO STATE FOOTBALL!!!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈

Twitter: @rajian0034

Seven Nation Army on radio.....yeah it's time for Buckeye football

Twitter: @rswigert22

RT @theScore: Brown on Sanders' Roethlisberger comments: 'You don't throw your quarterback under the bus.' http://t.co/e3cBDCMFgv http://t.…

Twitter: @lianaaMonti

I just wanna play some football, watch some #osu football, and deer hunt .. Is that to much to ask for? #itsonlyjulyproblems

Twitter: @DustinMyers2280

RT @Hot_For_Food: There are two times of year.... Buckeye Football season and waitin' for Buckeye football season.

Twitter: @osujeffrey

My nephew Milo on Colin Kaepernick - Oh To Be a Quarterback..... by nickz34 http://t.co/R4YXgiaVUl on #SoundCloud

Twitter: @nickz34

I'm in Cbus and Im reminded of OSU football camp when I told my speedball team that Urban Meyer had an office in the O above the horseshoe

Twitter: @Molemancurray

@rashadalaiyan "NFL quarterback"

Twitter: @Lardacious

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